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After a careful market analysis, Massaro Group has identified in Mackma’s line highly engineered products that meet a wide area of applications, in the constructions, in pipes and metallic carpentry, in the fields of civil aviation, military and spatial, shipbuilding industry, nuclear industry, automotive and in heavy metalworking industries, and in the whole energy sector.

Mackma’s products have a two-year warranty, are controlled in every stage of the design and production to ensure quality and efficiency in any type of use.

Prompt deliverys

Mackma with its Entourage guarantees to the customers the highest efficiency in managing shipping and deliveries within 24 hours in Italy and more than 48 hours in the world.

The Mackma efficiency is given by the constant production and the effective quality control of the whole range of products, in order to allow an instantaneous inventory control, which enables the customer to have a Mackma in a few hours. Mackma has created a delivery ready warehouse to be next the customer in each moment.

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