Quality and Certification

We at MACKMA® believe that every client has the right to quality and efficiency. This is why every product undergoes strict quality checks and performance tests, in compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 standards, which ensure accurate control in the design, manufacturing, assembly and final inspection stages.

This way, those who purchase a MACKMA product will always be sure to rely on the best performance and durability over time.

Patents Mackma

MODULAR MACHINE:we compose your machine without any limits of dimensions.

COUNTER BEND DIE WITH INSERTS: the production with inserts allows a great reduction of costs with excellent functionality and a low energy consumption.

RETRACTION COUNTER BEND DIE: allows the automatic retraction of the counter bend die.

BENDING LEFT AND RIGHT: this World patent of Mackma is “essential” when it is necessary to create geometric shapes in 3D with consecutive bends.

SMALL AND LARGE PIPES (PIVOT): it drastically reduces the time to equip the bending machine Mackma.

PROFESSIONAL: to eliminate defects on the intrados and extrados of a bent tube today it exists only Mackma Professional.

CHALLENGE: the only machine in the world that is able to bend variables radius on fixed bending die (oval, low arch).

VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL WORKING POSITION: born from the need to work in small spaces facilitating the use of the machine.

FULLY AUTOMATIC ZERO POINT POSITIONING OF THE PROFILE: the control of the zero point from which all the bends arise.

FAST: Speed = more productivity.

Certificazioni Mackma

Brevetto Wipo

For us at Mackma, quality comes first.