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Our Values

Customer focus

Customers are our asset. Together we created our identity and together we continue to create our future. Listening to the customer comes first.


The objective in our daily actions is to reach and exceed our limits, to raise our benchmarks, constantly increasing the quality of our products.


Passion, will and participation are part of our way of conceiving the work. Dedication is in our DNA.


Creativity, initiative and the courage to change are the driving force behind all our choices. Innovating is the key to any success.


MACKMA® is MASSARO GROUP’s Engineering Unit. The MASSARO GROUP boasts over 30 years experience in the civil and industrial construction industry. Now, with MACKMA® it also manufactures innovative industrial machines.

MACKMA® covers the entire production chain: design, manufacture, commissioning, and after-sales service, to ensure the highest quality during every stage of the process.

A team of engineers and technicians specialised in technological innovation, together with carefully selected suppliers provide high profile turnkey products.

MACKMA® summarises all the best qualities of Italian industry: professionalism, technology, design, safety, energy savings, and environmental sustainability to meet every market requirement.

Innovation, for MACKMA®, is first and foremost an absolute value. The Road Map to meet the challenges of the future is to focus on a culture of innovation at 360 degrees. Not only, therefore, research and development of new products, but, above all, creating a new vision and innovative solutions for metal forming within everyone’s reach. MACKMA® aims at finding the right balance between experience, creativity and technology. In the belief that only the synergy between all sectors can create a truly innovative company model, able to create added value and improve the ability to compete over time.

MACKMA® creates innovative models, uses cutting-edge materials, develops components and systems with high added value, and invents technologies to work around the user’s daily needs.
MACKMA® is an international company that sets the benchmark for design, functionality and efficiency, but wants to continue to be, first and foremost, a hotbed of ideas.

MACKMA, designed around you.


The Technical Department of MACKMA® starts its activity from the creation of the company as a reference pole for innovation and research and development. Its mission is the use of innovation as a strategic lever in MACKMA® business and the exploitation of the results of its activities through the promotion, development and transfer of innovative content that can give distinctiveness and competitiveness to the product.


Mackma tube benders are the only rotary draw benders on the market able to offer both right and left bending and their cantilever head allows for the creation of complex shapes that require passage under the head.

Mackma tube benders have as a technical novelty on all models the countersink, which allows the operator in a few seconds to remove residues of steel or ferrous material after cutting the tube.

Mackma tube bending machines save energy, thanks to the inverter that self-controls the absorption of electricity during processing.

Mackma tube bending machines are equipped with plc simply control and plc expert control to bend tubes in a programmed production sequence with perfect quality.


Equipped with technologically advanced machinery and suppliers, MACKMA ® controls all production processes 100%, and responds with extreme competence and readiness to the challenges of the world market, using state-of-the-art planning methods.


Mackma® considers that every request, even the most impossible, is a new challenge to overcome its limits and gain access to new engineering solutions. For this reason, Mackma® has set up a special department where the various feasibility requests made by the customer are studied and dealt with promptly and flexibly in collaboration with the Technical Department.


Each assembly department is monitored in line by careful tests and controls that ensure the realization of a unique product for high reliability and quality.

Order Processing

The fulfillment of orders is constantly monitored by a computerized management that ensures continuous control and compliance with the delivery on time.


  1. MODULAR MACHINE: we compose your machine without limits of size.
  2. INSERTS COUTEBENDING DIE: the inserts production allows a great reduction of costs with an excellent functionality and a low energy consumption.
  3. COUNTEBENDING DIE ARRETRATION: it allows the automatic retraction of the counter machine.
  4. RIGHT AND LEFT BENDING: this Mackma world patent is “essential” when it is necessary to make 3D geometrical figures with several consecutive curves.
  5. SMALL AND LARGE TUBE (PIVOT): drastically reduces the set-up time of the Mackma tube bending machine.
  6. PROFESSIONAL: to eliminate defects on the intrados and extrados of a bent tube, today there is only Mackma Professional.
  7. CHALLENGE: the challenge. The only one in the world able to bend variable radii on fixed dies (oval, low arch).
  8. TILTING MACHINE: born from the need to work in small spaces facilitating the use of the machine.
  9. AUTOMATIC CENTERING MACHINE: control of the zero point from which all the curves originate.
  10. FAST: speed = more productivity

Certification and Quality

Mackma® believes that each of its customers has the right to quality and efficiency, so each product is subjected to a complete quality control and tested in performance according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standards that guarantee accurate control procedures in the design, manufacturing, assembly and final testing phases.

So that whoever trusts Mackma® by buying its product always has the highest performance and can bet on long-lasting reliability.

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