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Rotary Draw Bending Machines

All Mackma’s tube and pipe bending machines are considered top of the range for their category, can bend left and right and are covered by Mackma’s warranty for up to 4 years! All Mackma machines can mount tools of other brands. Choose your favorite Mackma machine!

Rotary Draw Bending Machines Professional Series

Perfect bends and innovation, like a straight line. Delete intrados & extrados in phase of bending. Counterbending die position “electric” and “Programmable”, bending direction Right and Left, variable speed. Choose your favorite Mackma machine!

Mandrel Bending Machine

The mandrel bending machines are used to make tighter radius bends, at the moment Mackma cannot show other models of mandrel machines because they are under patent. Do you need a particular mandrel bending machine? Contact us!

Ring Roller or Angle Roller Machines

Mackma’s Ring Roller Machines are suitable for machining metal profiles and tubulars, have the possibility of machining in vertical or horizontal position and have a simple and intuitive control. Choose the Ring Roller Machine suitable for your needs, if you do not find the right one contact us! 

Sawing Machines

Mackma sawing machines have all the characteristics and qualities of Mackma machines, they are elegant, simple, intuitive and high performance. Can’t find the right sawing machine for you? Contact us!

Briquetting Machines

Mackma briquetting machines are indispensable for compacting metal swarf from machining, but they can also be used for compacting polystyrene. They are easy to use and have a small footprint, are able to filter oil or various liquids, so that they can be reused.

Chip Shredder

Mackma Shredders are ideal for long or skein shavings, with professional wear-resistant blades they can shred anything. Mackma shredders can be used independently or put in series and combined with Mackma briquetting machines, so that after shredding the chips, they turn them into clean, classified briquettes without oil or various liquids.

Horizontal Presses

Mackma presses are small to medium sized, can be used directly on construction sites, comfortable to transport and easy to use. Mackma’s horizontal presses, with the appropriate equipment, can perform punching, blanking and drawing operations.

Plasma Cutting Machines

Mackma’s Plasma Cutting machines are characterized by fast cutting speed, high precision and the possibility of using manual generators already present in the workshop.

Magnetic Drills

  • Magnetic drills broad the product portfolio of Massaro Group
  • Drills can be used in both horizontal or vertical position
  • Easy handling
  • The wide range of magnetic drills allows to satisfy any need in terms of hole diameter and drilling depth
  • Such drills are a perfect mix of flexibility, quality and competitive prices
  • Application fields: various
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